The GrowPro v4 is a new frontier in Grow Light Technology. This fixture features the agricultural industry’s highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) output and also boasts the industry’s highest photon efficiency.

Engineered for science, this unique truly industrial-grade plant growth production Instrument fills the market’s need for high performance, high output, energy efficiency, and competitive cost unseen in the LED market today.

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Who Needs a Backyard to Have a Garden?

Most of the light used by plants for photosynthesis, which is known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (or PAR), falls within the visible spectrum (400-780 nm).

Most of the light used by plants for photosynthesis, which is known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (or PAR), falls within the visible spectrum (400-780 nm).

PAR is not the measure of all of the light a grow light gives off, but the measurement of the wavelengths plants will absorb.

The most important wavelengths for plant growth are blue wavelengths from 430 to 450 nm. This part of the spectrum is also known as cool light. These wavelengths encourage vegetative growth through strong root growth and intense photosynthesis.

The Grow Pro boasts a high output of blue radiation that is distributed evenly, across a wide area- protecting the fixture from overheating without the use of fans! Making the Grow Pro one of the most economical and ecological Grow Light Fixtures on the market.

What Can I Grow with the GrowPro?

Anything. Any indoor plant can be grown with our Grow Pro v4 Grow Light. Grow tomatoes, orchids, roses, peppers, medicinal herbs, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, aloe, broccoli, wildflowers, strawberries, fruits, and vegetables- and so much more!

Grow Pro v4 will have your succulents and tropicals exploding to life. Cacti (all types), carnivorous plants (pitcher, flytraps,etc.) flourish with ease. The Grow Pro v4 is also an excellent choice for nurseries or retail stores needing to provide grow lighting to indoor plants over a large area. Grow Pro v4 provides coverage up to 9 sq ft (3’x3′) and is suitable for all stages of plant growth.

Perfect for:

Hydroponic & Garden Centers, Master Gardeners, Home Enthusiasts, Florists, Nurseries, Researchers, Universities, Collectives, Dispensaries, and more!

Run Time Statistics

  • Input Power: 50 – 250 Watts 60% 60%
  • Lumen Output: 6,750- 33,750Lm 95% 95%

Highest Photon Efficency

3.0 μmol/j



50,000 Hours


Requires 40% less energy for equivalent PAR compared to 1000w HPS


Download Product Files:


Download Product Files:


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100 Watt

250 Watt

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